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Local flowers for your Georgia wedding

I always source as many flowers from local farms as I can, and then order domestically-grown flowers from other states to get flowers that are not in season in Georgia, in order to create the wedding flower designs that you want. If you would like 100% locally-grown flowers for your wedding, I would love to make that happen!

It doesn't cost more to have 100% local flowers, but it does require more flexibility on your part in terms of specific flower and color availability. If you envision a “wildflower” vibe then an all locally-grown flower wedding is perfect for you. The below bouquet is an example of an all-local flower bouquet that is in-season in May and June.

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Bouquet using all locally-grown Georgia flowers in May

A word about peonies, because brides love them and so do I! If you love peonies and have always dreamed of having them in your wedding, then late April through June are the months when they are most available in Georgia. If you have a wedding when it’s not peony season, peonies just won’t be available locally at any price. (They may be available domestically, depending on your wedding date, and they will be costly.) If you have your heart set on a certain flower, talk to me or check the internet for when they are in season locally. Don’t worry, there is always something beautiful blooming in Georgia.

With a 100% local flower wedding, your flowers will be designed with the same care and attention as all my work. I always take careful consideration of your color palette and what you want your flowers to look like, but it helps if you are open to a broader color palette than just one or two hues. There is no way to know with absolute certainty what flowers will be available until the week of your wedding, although we will discuss generally what is in season, what you like best, and your preferred style. The weather affects exactly when flowers come into season, so each year is a bit different. But you know your flowers will be fresh, seasonal, local, and artfully arranged. Contact me to talk about local flowers for your Georgia wedding!

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